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The European Society of Surgery goals are:

  • to maintain an international forum for general surgery, not restricted to very sub-specialized surgical techniques or new surgical approaches or equipments
  • to offer an international forum for clinical and surgical research
  • to ensure that interested surgeons have access to latest advances in the art and science of surgery. In fact, the ESS is a society that has also clearly identified one very useful and indispensable function in this changing world: to act as a bridge between Eastern and Western Europe.

The Society will pursue its main statutory goal which is to encourage the advancement of the art and science of surgery by:

  • the encouragement of its members to promote the interchange of ideas both clinical and scientific;
  • the establishment of well controlled scientific and clinical investigations;
  • the organization of an annual Congress where the achievements of the surgical art and science will be presented;
  • the organization of postgraduate courses;
  • the establishment of a pre-and postgraduate surgical training centre in Krakow and taking actions aimed at establishing similar centers in the countries of the Association's members;
  • the development of standardized European postgraduate surgical training program based on the residency system.

Membership The Board of the European Society of Surgery decided to fix the annual due at 50 Euros. We insist that all members pay this modest annual fee in order to secure the current financial situation of the ESS.Members who have paid their annual dues will receive their official diploma of active member of the European Society of Surgery.

Membership of the European Society of Surgery is offered to specialists in surgery or related subspecialties, regardless of the country of residence, but not to residents.

An ordinary member of the Association has a right to:

  1. participate in the General Meetings of Members of the Association and to take part in voting;
  2. appoint and to be appointed to the Association's authorities;
  3. apply to the Association's authorities with motions in issues connected with its operation and to request information about the manner of dealing with them;
  4. participate in meetings and events organized by the Association.

An ordinary member of the Association is obligated to:

  1. actively participate in undertakings organized by the Association;
  2. comply with provisions of the Statues and resolutions of the Association's bodies;
  3. not to breach organizational solidarity of the Association;
  4. regularly pay membership fees.

An ESS member benefits from the privileges, as for example, reduced registration fee to the Annual Conference or reduced Workshop fee.

A candidate for an ordinary member makes a written declaration on a form containing a statement about his accession and an obligation to pay membership fees. To obtain a membership application, please download the ESS Membership Application Form.

The Board of Directors shall notify the person concerned about its decision on the acceptance of a member in writing by electronic mail to the address provided by the candidate in the declaration or by fax.

Should you have any queries about the membership, please feel free to contact the ESS Secretariat.

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