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ESS Secretariat

First Chair and Department of General & GI Surgery, Medical College
Jagiellonian University

40 Kopernika St.
31-501 Cracow

tel. +48 (12) 424 80 07
fax +48 (12) 424 80 07

e-mail: mskulig@cyf-kr.edu.pl

European Society of Surgery: Aims and Goals

The European Society of Surgery has two principal aims. The first is to foster relations and encourage the exchange of information between surgeons of the West of Europe and the less developed Eastern countries of "new Europe". Since its first meeting in 1997, the Society has hosted ten Annual Meetings in countries of both Western and Eastern Europe, attended by up to 500 surgeons. This has led to the development of closer ties between academic departments, the holding of skills workshops and visits by Board Members to Eastern countries to demonstrate surgical techniques and set up education links. In these respects the Society can claim to have had great success in its mission.

The second principal aim of the Society is to continue to actively support the discipline of General Surgery, as it is practised by the majority of surgeons in Eastern countries where sub-specialisation has not yet taken place. At our Annual Meetings, the attendee will therefore find a range of subjects discussed, which are applicable to continuing medical education for a surgical practitioner working in a regional hospital.

It is with pride that the ongoing development within our Society has enabled positions on the Board to be taken by Members from Eastern countries whose Departments of surgery have now developed to a level equal to that of their counterparts in the West.

Andrew Kingsnorth
August 2007

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